What ever happened to summer vacation? 

In new versions of 2024-25 and 2025-2026 calendars students could start school as early as August 1st. Teachers could star in July.

Calendar was put out on December 12th. The only option given to voice your concerns is an email address, publiccomments@lee.k12.ga.us. The last day to submit an email is January 5th. Or, you could post a comment on one of the school system’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

If we’re gonna do school year-round then let’s do it and quit creeping up on it. But I believe if kids are going to go to school all year, then they ought to be able to graduate at least a year early. 

See the calendars at the link below:


Pros And Cons Of a longer school year. 


  1. Some kids are already in daycare/school/aftercare pretty much year-round from birth until about 7th grade. Do we really need more time for them to be under the government’s care?
  2. Instead of parents being able to choose where their kids are during the summer months (what’s left of them) parents will be forced to keep their kids in a public school system that believes that they know what is best for you’re child. 
  3. Many children and teachers are already experiencing burn-out and anxiety issues related to modern public education. 
  4. Public School is increasingly becoming more left wing extreme, and is not adequately preparing students for the next steps. 


  1. Many houses have both parents working so they need the free “childcare”. 
  2. Some students have a hard time getting back into learning mode and retaining information after summer. 
  3. New and entry-level teachers have a hard time budgeting over the summer. 
  4. The China virus pandemic has already put students way behind and they need the extra instruction. 

Either way if you don’t make your voices heard the new calendars will take effect without your input.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 8th, at 5:30 PM. If you want to speak at a board meeting you have to sign up to be on the agenda a couple days ahead of time. The board does not have to approve your request.


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By D. Whitman

Writer of both micro and classical blogs.