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  • GSA Network, a multi-million dollar, communist, left-wing organization, has its sights set on Lee County, Georgia.
  • GSA is mixing gender confusion, Marxist ideology, “intersectional” world views, and oppressor-victim philosophies into every level of K12 education.
  • Attending “drag shows” and HIV testing are considered acceptable field trips for students.
  • Simple changes in policy for all clubs can restrict membership and eventually lead to closure of the Lee County GSA club.

What is GSA? A Support Group or Something Darker?

We believe any compassionate human being can empathize with the disaffected, outcast, and ostracized among us. Certainly, every one of us has felt the sting of isolation or suffered from an inability to find our place in the social fabric. Though a highly conservative group, we believe we can all imagine how these problems might be compounded by homosexual attraction or gender confusion. We can all concede that finding people in similar circumstances with whom one can relate might be a therapeutic experience. However, taking a page from the Black Lives Matter organization’s playbook, the GSA Network has used some of the most vulnerable in our society, those who find themselves socially marginalized, as human camouflage for a far more insidious plan. Worse, from among the marginalized, GSA has set its sights on the most impressionable, our children in Lee County, Georgia.

The bottom line is the GSA is not a support group for gender-confused or homosexual youth. It is, first and foremost, an anti-American activism organization pushing progressive, communist values.

The GSA Network is unabashedly communist.

In a 9-point manifesto for their TRUTH sub-organization, the GSA Network outlines its fundamental beliefs. You will find these to be heavily influenced by Marxist ideology and to bear an uncanny resemblance to many of the BLM group’s ideas about intersectionality.

GSA Trans Youth 9-point Manifesto. (Lee Co GSA)
GSA Trans Youth 9-point Manifesto

Unsurprisingly, they cage their definitions for these “values” in ambiguous and circumspect language. Here is our interpretation:

  1. Self-Determination: Encourage children to control their narratives, spaces, and all aspects of their lives. Presumably, this is even to the exclusion of their parents’ influence.
  2. Abolition of the Police, ICE, Borders, and the Judicial System: Eliminate the police, national sovereignty, and the justice system.
  3. Commitment to Transformative Justice: Abolish the present means of exacting justice, including incarceration.
  4. End of the Cisgender Heterosexual Patriarchy: Subordinate straight, white males to other classifications of people.
  5. Decolonization and Reparations for all Indigenous and Black Peoples: Anyone w ho is not a “minority” owes reparations to minorities.
  6. Comprehensive Education that Reflects our Histories and Needs: Free, non-compulsory education for everyone that reinforces the oppressor-victim narrative (think the 1619 project).
  7. End to Global White Supremacy: Again, subordinate white people to other “minorities.”
  8. Land Justice and Environmental Justice: All land taken from indigenous people should be returned to them.
  9. Invite our Comrades, Accomplices, and Allies to Join Us: While they may classify you as an oppressor, you’re welcome to join them.

GSA is mixing gender confusion, Marxist ideology, “intersectional” world views, and oppressor-victim philosophies into every level of K12 education

It’s not enough to brainwash high schoolers. No, the GSA’s long-term plan also includes elementary school children. Realizing they needed to rebrand their activities for a younger audience, the GSA community created a Pre-K through 5th-grade version they dubbed the “Rainbow Club.” The Salt Lake City Rainbow Club’s calendar is an excellent example of the “re-education” they hope to submit your children to here in Lee County.

Elementary School Rainbow Club Pin showing a rainbow-colored, raised fist. (Lee County GSA)
Elementary School Rainbow Club Pin
Rainbow Club Activity Agenda for Elementary Children. (Lee County GSA)
Rainbow Club Activity Agenda for Elementary Children

A glance at this literature (intended for children ages 4 to 11) reveals the following themes:

  • The inordinate focus on people’s sexuality and gender nonconformity
  • Vocabulary used by the gay community
  • Introduction to the oppressor-victim paradigm (aka – intersectionality)
  • Activism 101

The Los Angeles Unified School District organized a Rainbow Club and had their Office of Human Relations, Equity, and Diversity create an entire curriculum for teachers to use when teaching LGBTQ+ topics. One video they included features a person named Geo Neptune who teaches children what a “Two-Spirit” gendered person is:

GSA is also hard at work pushing itself into middle schools across the country. Almost a year ago, the Epoch Times wrote a piece about Jessica Konen, a California mom to a 12-year-old middle school daughter. She discovered Spreckels Union School District had disguised its GSA clubs using pseudonyms. Teachers at Buena Vista Middle School were recorded discussing the difficulties of starting gay clubs in conservative communities and how important it was to hide their intentions behind ambiguous names like “Equality Club.”

Mrs. Konen was villainized and subjected to Child Protective Services inquiries. Ultimately, she had to move her children to a new school. Across the state of California, the GSA is marching toward more governmental and less parental control over the rearing of children. It sinks its fangs into families through seemingly benevolent activities at school and, when parents push back, subdues them with Child Protective Services.

Let’s do a quick recap of GSA’s roadmap to school domination:

  • children learn the basic i deas, vocabulary, and doctrine of LGBTQ+ in elementary school Rainbow Clubs;
  • in middle school GSA clubs, they are encouraged to discover their “true gender identities” and hide them from their parents; and
  • finally, they get to high school.

What can you expect GSA to teach students in high schools? The City Journal provides a great article on the subject. As you can imagine, it is more of the same but couched in far more academic terms. Christopher Rufo writes:

Children are encouraged to atone for their privileges and perform acts of penance. “Doing the self and collective work to analyze how we contribute to the oppression of Trans, Queer, Non-binary / Gender Non-Conforming, Black, Indigenous, youth of color is tough, but we must commit to dismantling these systems for collective liberation,” the organization says. Specifically, the adults leading the clubs are instructed to tell the “privileged” children that they must “implement the use of pronouns,” “offer a land acknowledgment,” “listen to the Trans community,” “center conversations around Black liberation,” and “use your privilege (and your physical and monetary resources) to support Trans, Queer, Non-binary / Gender Non-Conforming, Black, Indigenous people of color, issues, businesses, and projects.”

As you can read, this sounds like a lot of work and self-recrimination for the children. That goes doubly for anyone who does not belong to one of the oppressed groups they are taught to worship. There’s no fun to be had while “doing the self and collective work.” GSA realized this and published a handy flyer of fun things for students to do while not self-flagellating for their oppressor status:

  • Hold a drag show, vogue, or step show fundraiser
  • Start an LGBTQ book club (wait until our next article…you will not believe the books found in our school libraries)
  • Invite speakers to talk about sexual and mental health
  • Take a field trip to get tested for HIV at a local clinic
  • Visit a middle school GSA and offer support
  • Do the Privilege Walk and discuss what privilege and power mean in your GSA
  • Plan or go to local rallies, student protests, or lobbying events
  • GSA Fun Things to Do p. 1
  • GSA Fun Things to Do p. 2

Simple changes in school policy can stop them in their tracks.

Several schools across the nation have already taken action to protect their children from the GSA agenda: they require detailed permission slips and distinguish between curriculum-related and non-curriculum-related clubs. Students in these schools must present signed letters of approval from their parents before being admitted into school clubs, and more stringent requirements are placed on non-curriculum-related clubs.

What can you do?

Read the final article in our series on GSA to discover actions you can take now to save your children!