Trojan Way Sign

The Trojan Way is a local stakeholder led watchdog group monitoring local government with a special focus on public education.

Our group consists of parents, business community, county taxpayers, students and others. Although we are based in Leesburg, Georgia, we are constantly growing our network in and out of Lee County while keeping an eye on regional and national issues as they affect our area.

This is a small town. Many things often get done in the way small town things are done. However, even with its meager stature, the government, – especially the school board – continues to inch more and more towards the toxic sector of left-wing ideology. This is especially true when funds are tied to bending one’s traditional values.

Lastly, since a big part of our focus is on education, our local school mascot is the Trojan, a lot of county policy and money is tied to the school system,💡 The Trojan Way just seemed to fit.

By D. Whitman

Writer of both micro and classical blogs.