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Small Town Politics…

Even though The Trojan Way is still only a few months old, our reach and impact has been impressive in a relatively short amount of time. We have learned a lot about our local school system and about reporting on what are apparently sensitive issues within. This is a small town and the small town network of parental intimidation is in effect.

The LCSS Machine

Many word-of-mouth reports have let us know that some faculty and administrators were not very happy with our reporting and uncovering of formerly hidden facts. Faculty have been told not to engage with our posts on social media. Students have also been mis-informed that we are “biggots” and the usual list of “phobes”. Of course this just means that some are much more comfortable with parents remaining perpetually in the dark and safely at arm’s length – Not informed and Not inside the classroom.

TTW Still Has Reach

Even with a limited number of followers willing to be visible online, TTW has reached more than 12,000 users (we don’t know exactly) via social media, with about 5,000 of those coming in January alone. Website analytics have not yet been set up but will begin tracking soon. However, we do know that our message is getting out there and people are definitely talking as is evident from all the rumblings we hear.

Strength In Who You Know

Influencers and local political parties have taken notice as well. Sources have let us know of specific instances of professionals contacting Lee County School Board members, administrators, and superintendent. Most conversations involved school officials being advised about how parents would not be happy with some of what our reporting was bringing to light.

APPROVED. “You do not need to read the bill to see what’s in the bill.”

It is evident that Parents are growing tired of the “rubber stamp” approach most school boards use when it comes to approving things. School board members have limited time to review and research materials before voting on them (usually pages and pages over just a weekend). Parents need to continue to be more bold and speak up about protecting our children in public schools. We can’t rely on elected boards and un-elected school leaders and superintendents to do our job as parents.

Word Is Getting Out

A national website, Parents Defending Education at https://defendinged.org, even picked up our reporting on the Lee County High school Genders & Sexualities Alliance or GSA club. Parents Defending Education just recently appeared on Fox News and other networks to speak on topics concerning your school aged children. If you see our articles or any of our content being shared around Al Gore’s amazing interwebs be sure and let us know – email us at lee@thetrojanway.com, fill out our form at the bottom of our homepage or visit our social media links listed below.

Parents Defending Edu picks up thetrojanway.com article

Parents Defending Education picks up thetrojanway.com article about the creation of the Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club. You can read their full article here https://defendinged.org/incidents/lee-county-high-school-staff-sponsor-new-gsa-club/.

We thank them for the mention, the link and partnering with local organizations like TTW.

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